Is r14510 current OS?

I also received an OP with 14510 in February. The odd color strip was visible on the left edge of the screen during boot then disappeared once fully booted.
After a few sessions I reformatted and installed 14203. Aside from the odd color strip not showing up on boot anymore, I couldn’t spot any differences.

I’ve had battery indicator issues with both OS versions, but from what I can find online that is very common.
The indicator calibration process as detailed in the manual really only worked for one charge/discharge cycle. I just learned to keep a post-it handy and log my usage per charge, and NEVER TRUST THE BATTERY INDICATOR. It does get at least 16 hours or more of use per charge, usually.

I just sent mine back but it was also the 14510 OS version and it also had a weird color strip on the far left during boot.

I was hoping it was the super-secret ultra-firmware of my dreams…

I can confirm that “upgrading” to firmware 14203 solves the left-hand stripe issue.

And I’m just SO psyched to have an OP-1 again after a far-too-long absence.

Mine has arrived with R14510 as well. Color strip on the left is present by boot, it doesn’t matter, I think. However the screen is really wan on my device, but the left side is brighter the the right one.