Is r14510 current OS?

Just bought op-1. Checked to see if I’m on current OS but my OS (r14510) appears to be a later number OS than the one on TE site? Here’s pic of startup screen. While we’re at it does everyone get that Glitchy noise down left side of display in pic on startup?

Some reason can’t upload pic via icon or file upload. Guess maybe an android phone problem?

Put it on an imagehost…that number is not the official latest version…

Mine also has the noise on the left of the screen booting up. Can’t check OS right now but i bought it last month.

The noise disappears soon as startup is finished. Wasn’t the greatest ‘welcome’ to a unit so praised for its Polish and quality tho :wink: Guessing it’s OS related. Would be good to confirm asap though as I need to send it back within 7 days if faulty. I’ll mail TE…

First thing to do is install the latest official firmware from the TE site.

I was in process of doing that when I noticed my os was a later OS number. Can’t find record of the OS online. Seems weird that TE would ship with a more recent firmware that wasn’t ‘official’? Could it poss cause problems if I roll back to the firmware from their site? I don’t have the install file for my current OS if I need to switch it back…

It does seem kind of odd. If it were me I’d install the official one though.

Emailed TE. I’ll leave it as it is for now. The startup display thing no big deal if not a permanent thing. Hopefully hear back from TE before my ‘return to store’ period ends.

Not got the op1 on hand, but mine arrived yesterday and has the glitchy stripe on boot up. Goes away after that so not too fussed.

Yeah glitch stripe no prob. Just wanna make sure it’s not symptom of a bad batch or something :wink:


Heard back from TE -
This is expected and nothing to worry about. The 14510 OS is a test OS that has been going out on a few units. It is basically the same as 14203. The new OS will replace both when ready.

Cool, good to know phew

Kind of a dick move imo.

Yeah some kind of info on TE site would have been good. First thing most people do is check firmware and get up to date, don’t think I ever received hardware before with firmware that didn’t seem to exist…

I say you are just plain lucky to have the new Beta - The Op-1 owners could get it installed on their machines at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt… can’t wait to get it… you should post the names of all Synth engines, FX and sequencers in there ;o)

Can’t wait for an update ;o))

I think that OS is exactly the same as we all have…

It isn’t the new beta. According to the above post it is a “test OS” with little info on what it was actually supposed to do. Maybe some minor bug fix or perhaps it had a change for a new hardware revision or something.