Is Teenage engineering going to release a line feature!

I have just puchased the OPZ and I can’t help but notice that the only way to sample into this is through mic, or having a usb adapter to computer or phone. Has anyone been screaming for the same addition?!?!?!

Buy a irig2, then you have a line in. But to answer your question, at some point TE will probably make a sampling audio in/out or something similar module. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as the next module but nobody knows for sure except TE!

Thank you for the insight about that component. I have seen videos on that tool, and thought about it, but you have cured my suspicion the product. I hope they do release this soon, because once that comes out it will be as strong as the op1, or close to it.

Well it is close to it already… it can do many things that op1 can’t… like sequence other gear easily and step sequence, spark components, good reverb, etc.

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You’re very right! Which is why I couldn’t be like the rest, and give up on such an amazing product. It really is a powerful tool, and comes with it’s own VJ program as well. I don’t think there is anything quite on this level of tool, and production gear.