Is there a beginners thread for the op-1

i just got this machine and I can’t wait to add it to my studio, but I have no idea what all the functions are or how to tweak this beast. I’m just wondering if there’s out there for noob like me.

Btw this thing is beautiful.

Oh, what’s up with the battles? I think that would be a fun and interesting way for me to learn this machine

4 different modes are the 4 buttons on left.Synth,Drum,Tape and Mixer.Each has 4 pages that are accessed by 1-4 under screen ,well apart from Tape.These buttons act as track solos (or mute with shift held).
All pages then have 4 things to tweak that are colour coded to knobs.Some times shift with give us another 4 or a different page or it will fine tune current value.
Back to the mode keys,synth or drum ,the first two are similar.They select our engine for the keyboard.We can further select sounds stored with 1-8 keys.Access more by shift and 1-8.
These work as Tape controls for loop and Tricks ,on both Tape and Mixer.
Finally a sequencer button at end.Select different seq’s with shift & seq button.Explore.
Also Mic bottom can change to external input or radio with shift & Mic.

Hey @sephsrot - we’re all noobs here.

With the OP-1, it seems there’s always something new or surprising to learn.


A tip for recording sequencers onto tape is to press metronome button up by volume knob.Select Beat Match with green.

Goto tape.Shift and arrows move to beginnings of bars. Hold record then press a note on keyboard to start recording a sequence lined up to bar.
Set loop points and turn loop on (1-3). During playback hold shift and press <&> arrows to shift loop playback forward or back to next section of tape .So when its finished playing that section it will move onto the next.

The manual and youtube vids are a good starting place. Asking specific questions and using the search function here will take you further.

…and check out the OP-1 Tips and Tricks thread; it’s a great resource.

Thanks a lot guys! I love this little thing.