Is there a way (librarian? for macOS) to sort the patches according to synths?

I have a lot of snapshots lying around but do not know to which synth they belong, therefore they are more or less unused.

If I look the aif-synt-snapshots with less (via terminal) I can see some synth info in the header before the patch-data. So there should be a way to at least see which synth is used.

The file starts like this:

FORM^@^@<80>AIFCFVER^@^@^@^D<80>Q@COMM^@^@^@@^@^A^@^@p^@^P@^MD^@^@^@^@^@^@sowt)Signed integer (little-endian) linear PCMAPPL^@^@^APop-1{“adsr”:[1000,11000,8000,16000,2048,6432,4000,4000],“fx_active”:false,“fx_params”:[8952,15656,7424,22599,8000,8000,8000,8000],“fx_type”:“punch”,“knobs”:[-25395,8800,22528,0,0,0,0,0],“lfo_active”:false,“lfo_params”:[6264,20384,4296,26952,0,0,0,0],“lfo_type”:“random”,“name”:“20100321_2153”,“octave”:0,“synth_version”:1,“type”:“dna”}

this has been discussed before…

cool. thank you.