Is there a way to do rubato, accelerando or ritardando on the OP-Z?

I saw a mention in an old post that each pattern could have its own tempo, but after checking the guide and messing around, I was unable to do it

This is a feature present on Ableton Live, where each Scene can have its own tempo. Of course you can automate the tempo itself (only in arrangement mode, up to my knowledge) to do rubato as well as other very expressive tempo changes, which I know are not common in electronic music

Is there a way to do it without using an external clock?

you can experiment with step components, they allow you too speed up or slow down each individual track in various ways…

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Well, I did take a look at those but it is not what I need. What I look for is to change the entire song’s speed. Sort of like a swing function but on a macro scale

I see the tape track’s manipulation might mimick some of this tools, but I can’t find a way to edit them

Regarding the tempo change, I am looking for something similar to Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. The song I am working on is a classic caribbean called Perfidia, which uses a tempo change after the introduction, as well

But I guess I must make two different projects and jump from one to the other during performance. Isn’t there an easier way?