Is there a way to import to tape

Is there a way it import to tape … I would like when 4 tracks are full to export and mix in a daw and then import to tape so I have 3 tracks free and take composing further . Any advice would be great . I tried to import via disk mode last night and audio did not appear in tape when I switched to op-1 mode ???

you can do this on the OP-1 itself using Ear to bounce tracks down to one. Shift+Mic button, select the Ear with the Blue knob, press Tape, choose your track, and record.

Thank you i am aware of this function , but it would be really cool to import tracks processed in daw with extra sounds not from op -1 … A example I tried to import a instrumental of a track I created a year ago to take to a session with a vocalist later that day and could not . Would be cool if T.E created software for preparing audio stems for quickly importing to the tape . I am sure would be easy task . Thank you very much Again for advice

oh, I get you, now.

You can do this with your DAW, just set it to show “time” vs “bars/measures” and keep the tracks 6 minutes and 16-bit mono .aif files. Bounce multiple tracks to one track and then rename it to the tape track you want on the OP-1.

It’s not automatic, but as long as you follow the “rules” the OP-1 looks for on its Tape tracks, you will succeed. On my computer I have a thunderstorm split across several tracks that I made from samples gotten from, and I put them on my OP-1 at one point for a song.

i think it works if you export your audio as an .aif (not .aiff) and name it according to the op1 tape naming convention (something like tape1.aif, tape2.aif, etc.), then drag it onto your op1 disk in the tape folder.

recording/sampling it onto the tape via the line in is another option to.

Also, I think the OP-1 will truncate (chop off) the file if it is longer than 6 minutes, but I don’t remember. I always just export 6 minute stems and rename them.

you can make and edit track 1-4 in a daw and reload them back in. but you must save it as and aif-c

Thanks all this method worked for me keeping audio at 6mins long and in 16bit 44.4 kHz mono… Regarding recording into the op-1 line in is not good for me as there is noise issue in the recording chain via line in… I wonder does op-lab have higher qaulity analog inputs for recording into the op-1 !?

Can you not just “sample” the input then replay to tape? I get that’s not the funniest method but it circumvents need for computer if that’s what someone wants (not you @victor, me I try not to power up my PC.)

The Oplab inputs are for CV and Gate signals used by analog synths @Victor

Awful Shame op lab would not have analog inputs . Would make sense to include to enhance op/1,s quality. Regardless of these problems I still love my op-1 and can work around this … I plan to buy a 2nd op-1 soon and oplab for mainly syncing to my other gear