Is there any support for sustain pedal and encoders mapping from external midi controller on op-1 field?

Now that the op-1 field features a midi host I’ve happily played along with both my launchkey 64 and launchkey mini, I’ve created a custom mode to assign to the pads the notes ranging from F2 to F3# so that I’m able to play the drums with pads and works like a charm, I’m super happy.

Now, since the modwheel is supported and the manual mentions ways of supporting other CC midi signals I was wondering if it is possible, setting the proper CC outputs, to control also the op-1’s encoders and and the sustain pedal, I’ve tried assigning the encoders to CC 65 to 68 but it doesn’t work, also the sustain is set to CC 64 (should be the standard) but it doesn’t work.

I understand that the encoder would be tricky because they would get disaligned from the actual knobs on the op-1 in synth mode…but on the other hand it shouldn’t even be that complicated.

Is this doable somehow?

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midi is really limited in this way
i believe its stil the same as the OG

in that u can only control via the MIDI LFO
which allows u to assign various parameters to CC1 - 4
which u can then control via external means

in the manual they vaguely say in the midi section that the orange encoders control the behaviour of other midi signals “such as the modwheel and other midi cc data”, wondering what would the other supported CC signals be.
I’ll contact TE support to see if this is somehow doable…

Are you able to control OP-1f tempo with external midi clock?

clocking the field externally works for me, are you having troubles with it?