Is this for real (rick&morty PO)

Define real :slight_smile:

It’s also on their official site

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p confused by this choice, tbh

I am a serious musician with “real” instruments and I am offended by this silly product.

Just kidding! Who cares?! It seems fun! People called the Pocket Operators “toys” before this and people will continue to call them toys long after this. Little do they know there is no such thing as a “serious instrument”. Instruments are what you make of them. Music is what you make of it and it is okay for music to be fun.

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Heck yes, I really want to get one of these! It looks like a modified PO 35 speak, the audio playing in the insta video kinda sounds like it, also slot 16 has a graphic over it and on the box art, so I’m guessing this is the micro drum machine. In any case, I’m already gearing up to get one

Happy for anyone out there who wants one of these, but this feels like a “jump the shark” moment if there ever was one.

Excited for the upcoming limited edition Home Improvement PO with pre-loaded Tim Allen samples. :roll_eyes:


At least they have updated the display graphics, unlike the Ghostly fiasco…


At what cost will be the differentiator between the two, but as a slightly embarrassed owner of the ghostly edition 33, different gfx would at least be something.

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What are the Ghostly samples like?
I’m pretty annoyed how limited that edition was, I hope they do a much larger run of the PO-137

It was sold out very quickly, I don’t see any “fiasco”.

I don’t see the point in that campaign. It was not for money, given the extremely limited run. It was not a new device, just an expensive PO-33. Most of the social media comments that I saw were negative. Who is a fan of Ghostly by the way? I think they would get better PR from distributing a sound backup for free.

The R&M PO-35 on the other hand has a new display and a huge fan base.

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i had numerous family and friends mention it to me. good advertising?
or targeted ad shenanigans.

PO-137 available now for 99€, comes with silicon case CA-X (black).

EDIT: …aaaand sold out already.

Webpage says “1st edition”, obviously there are more to come.

I had gotten an email during the night. When I awoke, I immediately went to the ‘buy’ page, and it had already sold out. Curse you timezones!

I managed to get one, they’re emails are sent so much later than when they sell them, only way for me was to stay up that night and watch their Instagram countdown. (I’m in Aus so timezones also suck). The r&m po is really fun and I’m glad I got it because I don’t have a speak, but it seems to be identical except for the PCB design and screen, and preloaded samples. It’s really fun and I think good for people who like the show and don’t already have a po 35. I think it’s getting a broader release in November, otherwise the 35 is pretty cheap on TEs website

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Congratulations. I’m a retired mad scientist, so I really wanted a PO with my hero in it. But I always overwrite all the samples while experimenting anyway, so maybe it’s just for the … “amazing” graphics.

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So real…