Is this the final field series drop... anymore hardware?

do you think this latest accessories drop completes the field series? any other hardware to come yet?

i am hoping there will be some sort of field mic/recorder situation. seems like it would fit right in to the field studio idea

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Still hoping for an OP-Z field… :slight_smile:


I think the Field line of product is still young. There’s still room for more hadware, but there’s no pattern with TE, they’re always impredictible, maybe except with their prices.


2022 Field Line

  • Existing field product (OP-1F)
  • New field product (TX-6)

2023 Field Line

  • Existing field product (OP-ZF)
  • New field product (TE Field Mic/Recorder???)

This is how i hope they are doing it

I dont think pocket operators will get a field version however, they have distinctly positioned that branding for their more budget friendly products.

but how would you define what a ‘field-line’ product actually is?

The more expensive something is, the less likely I’m taking it out of the house.
That may just be a TE in-joke though.


Field Recorder? We have that in the OP-1f and the TX-6 with a USB Stick and Mic.

I’m personally hoping that we’ll see some major software updates for the OP-1f so that we get 8 Tracks and expose these tracks on the TX-6 so you can control them and effect them there.

The TX-6 should become the hardware Elektron Overbridge for the TE hardware. :pray:t3:

That’s what i want from the Field for my little portable studio :wink:


I hope they do something like Tesla, like an incredible holiday update that blows our minds.

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How would you access the other 4 tracks? There are only 4 track keys.

I don’t think that will ever happen anyway. The essence of the OP-1 is the 4 tracks tape recorder, and the creativity brought by its limitations. I mean that would be awesome for a lot of people, but this isn’t like TE to go against their own limitations and simplicity.

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let’s wait for the ob-4 / 2h / 1 track / disk Option

Hrmmm. Good question. It could be done a few different ways:
. Press + Hold Tape + 1-8 buttons
. Double Press 1-4 Tape buttons to toggle between 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8
. Shift + Tape +1-4 to access 1-8 Tapes

There could be a few other button combinations but those are the 3 which i can think of off the top of my head.

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