Issue when sampling the radio

Hi everyone, I couldn’t find the answer to my issue I’m having on my op-1 and didn’t know if it’s just me having it. I bought my op-1 only last week and it seems when I try to sample from the radio, and press the C note for example, and press the c note again after to listen back, the sample is always a semitone lower, meaning to hear back the original sample I need to press c#. I don’t remember it doing that when I first started using the unit and was wondering am I doing something wrong ?

Any advice is appreciated and I’m sorry if it’s a nooby question to ask.


Have you got the arpeggiator switched on? That sometimes screws things up like this.

I’ve just checked, it isn’t on but good thinking :slight_smile:

Check the master tuning by pressing shift and metronome?

that was the answer! I feel so stupid. thank you so much!