Issue with recording audio from PO-33 to Audacity

I have my PO-33 plugged into a Behringer USB audio interface via a 3.5mm to RCA cable with my recording device in Audacity set to said interface. I’ve made sure that the PO’s sync mode is set to SY0 and set the volume to 12. Whenever I try to record a beat that I’ve created on the PO-33, it comes out extremely garbled in Audacity and I can only hear small parts of one sample. I’m sure it’s a simple fix and I’m just missing a step or something but any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs more details or to see screenshots of my Audacity settings I’m more than happy to provide those but I’m about to log off for the evening because messing with this has made me kinda tired.

Can you record anything from a different device into your Behringer audio device? I’d check that first because it’s unlikely that it is an issue with the PO-33.


I’ll test it with my old phone since it has a headphone jack and report back. Thanks for the tip :pray:

Edit: you were right about it not being an issue with the 33. I had a very similar sound when recording from my phone so it’s either an interface or laptop issue. Here’s my Audacity settings so y’all can take a look at those.

u could try switching up your audio drivers?
its been awhile since i’ve used a windows setup
but ASIO used to be the one to use
not sure how that is today

could also be a sample rate and/or bit rate mismatch
look up the specs of your interface and make sure what u set it to in audacity
is supported by your interface
could also be your buffer size?

what does it sound like when u monitor it on your computer before recording?
or does your interface only allow u to monitor from the source?

also may sound stupid
but check your cables, audio and usb. try different ones
make sure everything is working properly, connected fully.
u never know happens to the best of us

eliminate as much as possible to narrow it down

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I only have the one set of cables to work with and when monitoring from the source on my interface everything sounds perfectly fine, it’s only when I try monitoring the track in Audacity or Reaper that the sound issue occurs. I’ll make sure the sample rate and bitrate are set properly as well, thanks a bunch for the tips.

Edit: reporting back after messing with the sample rate and bitrate, turns out I needed to be at 4800hz. This still hasn’t resolved the sound issue however. Made sure the cables running into the interface were secure as well because I know loose connections can cause problems, so that’s not it either. I tried recording the PO-33 with a little headphone/mic splitter USB plugin to see if it sounded different and I had the same problem as the Behringer interface.

as the doc said ASIO is likely your solution.

audacity also has a ton of settings.

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