Issues right out of the box :(

Just received a new op-1 yesterday in the mail. First, I tried turning it on to see if the battery had any type of charge. Nothing. No power/charge. I then plugged it in USB to my computer. The screen turned on (Logo screen) for two seconds and then it would turn off. It kept doing this. It looked like the USB wasn’t charging it. I plugged it into another USB port. Same results. I then used a 5v usb plug and then I was able to get the unit powered on. I then could see the LED charge lights doing a sequence which looks normal, like it was charging the unit. I played around with the unit for about 15 minutes with USB power. I tested all of the keys and buttons to make sure that everything was working. Everything seemed fine plugged in. I then turned it back off and kept it charging. I waited a few hours and then tried to power on the unit without the USB connection. Nothing. I then let it charge overnight (7 hours). I woke up this morning to turn it on without the USB power connection and it showed the startup screen (Logo screen) for about 2 seconds and then turned off. No power from the battery. I believe that there is a problem with the battery. I have already done a system restore just to see if that would fix anything. It didn’t. I thought about updating the OS to the latest version, but I’m nervous about doing that if the battery doesn’t hold a charge. I do not want to lock up the unit. So, I’m getting ready to return this back to the music store. But before I return it, I just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions to help with this before I send it back. Thanks.

It certainly sounds like a bad battery. I would send it back.

Could be the IO board. But that doesn’t change the fact that you should send it back.

After all that I’d definitely exchange it for another one.

Send it back.

My OP-1 has a right arse of a problem, the power switch is very sensitive, if it’s on and I just brush past it, it will switch off - even in the on position. If I just tap it again it will come alive.
It is a bastard but I never experienced any other issues like noise or speaker problems and just couldn’t face returning it after waiting so long on pre-order. I just have to be careful when I use it near things!

But your problem seems very severe (even taking into account known battery feedback discrepancies) and like fellow operators have already said, send it back before you bond any further.
Good luck quebec88, I feel sorry for you man!

I’ve noticed the switch sensitivity also with my week old. When I switch the OP-1 on hard and fast, it won’t turn off just by brushing by the switch. Try switching it on harder and fast, not slow and delicate. I’ve also noticed that I must use the exact volts as a computer usb porf. I think its 5volts even. The usb plugs that are not exactly 5volts do not work.

Thanks for the replies. I was able to get it to charge somewhat, but it only lasted on battery for a minute or so before powering off. I got an RMA from Musician’s Friend on Friday and I sent it back today. I’m getting a replacement sent to me. I was thinking about just returning it and getting an Elektron Analog four, but I figured I would give the OP-1 another chance. I must admit in the short time that I had playing around with it, I was impressed with it. The keys were definitely better than I thought they would be.