It is impossible to initialize.

Factory reset of recorded data
Even if you do any way, the recorded data
It will resurrect.
Storage capacity is running low.
I want to return to the capacity of 368 MB.
What should I do?

Disk mode > erase everything > empty trash (if on Mac) > eject

Just deleting the data
OP-1 will restore data without permission.
I tried initialization.

Deleted tape data and album data
I’m having trouble restoring it.

Someone, in the past all OS archives
Do not you know the download site?
Because OS dependent bugs may be the cause.

Please tell me if there is a perfect solution.

What do you mean it restores the data?

Are you talking about the snapshots? Just curious because I downloaded the newest os, it deleted all my snapshots, but last night I was recording samples & it filled up quick, I swear like half the snapshots I had before & I got a “full” message. Are you saying the snapshots don’t actually get deleted even tho they are gone?

I just updated the os here:

I’m going to try deleting snapshots tonight & see what happens. When I delete the tracks it works fine, but you got me thinking updating the os didn’t actually completely remove my snapshots…

I knew the function called snapshot for the first time.
Thank you for providing the information.

What I want is complete deletion of my recorded data.

Even if you initialize, update the OS
Data before initialization will be restored.

Briefly speaking, 380 MB of disk space
I want to make it available.

Now 150 MB of data will be reloaded.
It is tape data and record data.

i think u are getting confused (or maybe i am not understanding u correctly)
because when u delete the tape and album (record) files
the OP1 creates new blank ones that take up the same space as placeholders.
so u can never actually get rid of these files.

also the available disk space is irrelevant.
having more free disk space does not give u anything extra

the tape and album limits are self imposed (6 mins)
as is the maximum number of patches you load.
these limits do not correspond to the available disk space u see when connected to your computer.

Hi Hiroshi,

The old OS archive you mention may be found here :smile: