It’s broken 😱

Dear OB-4 Community,

My OB-4 recently met with a bad accident and I am quite devastated. I usually keep it on a high book shelf to keep it safe from my kids, but a heavy cookbook on the shelf slipped and knocked it off. The top has partially came off at the right hand side and it’s pretty badly chipped. The tape function no longer works. The bottom fell off and won’t reattach.

The speaker still works thankfully as does the input and play buttons and radio and disk and input. It just seems to be the tape function that’s broken.

I messaged TE. They said I can post it in for an estimate. They’d said I’d need to replace the top which includes all the electronics, the case and the bottom. Or they offered a discount on a new model :scream:

Has anyone had a similar accident and sent back to TE? If so how much did it cost and was there a cost for postage / courier?

Many thanks


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Yikes, yeah I would probably take them up on the offer for a discount, pretty generous for any company to do, since it was just accidental damage that wrecked it.

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Defo ask them what percentage (ditto Sky’s thought that it is pretty good of them to offer one).

Thankfully everything else works. Can you live without the tape scrub is the question.

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please Upload some pics of the accident and what’s actually build into the OB4 :innocent:

btw I’ve bought a Frekvens 10/20 and it also sounds incredible and def speaks the same design language (still advanced because of line and SUB out sockets)



Thanks for the advice! Not sure I can live without the scrub…

It would be a 15% discount. I’m in the UK so not sure if there would be some tax added when it arrives… I’d need to look into this.

I don’t want to lift the top up incase I damage it even more. I think the electrics are all under the top. Still sounds good though.

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at this point I would consider to open the case carefully with a guitar pick to reach the inner and then try to rebuild the tape dial, I guess the magnet has dropped or turned around


I’m astounded the volume knob is intact

oh Marv, that really does look rough:(

I’d do what Johnny suggested if you decide to buy a new one.
And although that 15% discount is really decent of TE, you may get one even cheaper via amazon uk (today’s price is £491).


Try holding the input and play buttons for a very long time (30 secs?). This will initiate calibration. It is most likely that the software side of things is working, but your encoders were forcefully moved out of place. Hope it helps!


Ooo I wonder if this will help me, I had to repair my volume knob after a drop, and eeeeevey once in a while it doesn’t act right. I’ll give this a shot.

Thank you I tried this and it went through calibration but the tape wheel did not move :frowning:

The tape still works for tempo of the metronome and 808 but doesn’t work at all as the scrub…

Thank you! My fixing skills aren’t great and I’d worry I might wreck it more.

Teenage Engineering say an estimated cost would be 2000 - 2500 Sek possibly more…

So I guess it would be worth taking the top off but I’m not sure how to fix it. Do you think it would be simple enough?

Personally, I be terrified, mainly due to my ineptitude at the boardgame Operation.

If ya gonna do it then make sure to film it.
Future reference, good or ill.

Did TE support specifically say you will nullify your warranty by doing what you said you’ll do?

I know it’s a heartbreaker not to have one of the main controls, and cool elements of the ob-4

What would I do?

Book it down as a wild holiday. Don’t get me wrong, it’s utterly beautiful. Whoever did the soundstaging gets a hug.

Quick decisions can lead to bad judgement. Maybe slow decisions, etc…

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What happened to your ob-4 in the end Merv?

Hey Jim!

Well I tried to look at an insurance claim but it wasn’t worth it in the end and would work out too expensive due to excess fees.

I thought it wasn’t worth the risk of opening myself and as most of it is still working. It still sounds amazing and I’ve been playing it lots.

I really miss the scrub and thought that if there are new updates in the future I’d lose out on extra functionality. I mainly use it to listen to music and like playing with the loop a lot and the scrub is useful three. I also play my OP1 through it and kinda wanted to use it for live music in some way.

So after a while of thinking it through I’ve filled in a returns form and I’m gonna send it in to TE for repair work. It’ll cost a bit but hopefully it’ll get fully repaired and I’ll need to be super careful in the future. :thinking::grimacing:

I’ll update when it comes back. They said it’d be a week to repair from when they get it. That sounds pretty fast.




That does sound fast indeed, but good to know their on it and TBC . Finger’s crossed for ya. And no more shelves in the future;)

another way for you to get back to scratch would be the ortho remote which someone stated is able to control the tape dial remotely when paired with the OB-4

1- put ortho remote in Bluetooth search mode
2- skip to the BT Mode on OB-4

they should pair automatically