It’s pretty quiet out there

I’m very excited about the OP-1 Field, I’m pretty new to the OP-1 - as with a lot of people, I finally after years of deliberating and watching endless content, bought an OG OP-1 last week… only for the new one to come out a few days later. It was a pretty easy decision to upgrade to the new one as I was still in the returns window for the OG. (Although it is a big financial commitment).

It is expensive, and I can appreciate the negativity out there on the price. I’ve seen some ‘reviews of Superbooth 2022’ on YT, the main one currently from Bo Beats - and there’s no mention of OP1 field at all. I’m hoping that there isn’t an influencer push back on TE - that would be a real shame.


genuinely, it’s probably that it’s an iteration on the existing OP-1, not really a novel item. It’s huge refinement on the OP-1 workflow, but it’s still the same instrument at the core.

That and the price point make it not an interesting/accessible thing to a lot of people. kinda feels like they knew they were marketing toward the same kind of people already familiar with the OP-1.

(i am a long OP-1 user, so it’s interesting to me, though I wouldn’t even start to consider the OP-1F unless my OP-1 just died)

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Fair enough. I’m just surprised that people like Cuckoo and Andrew Huang haven’t been all over this. It’s gathering a lot of attention, so even if it was just to capitalise on the current topic for views, etc of their content.

No doubt more stuff come out in the next few days.

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Cuckoo has been part of the beta testing team, i suspect that he has a video coming soon,

Edit: it seems like TE dont send out units to synthfluencers, so that is why you only see videos from us Beta testers and most of us are not in the YouTube game as influencers.

There will probably be a lot of videos in the coming month


Hi @MichaalHell first off, thanks for sharing some of the OP 1F content on YT - really interesting to see some actual user testing.

If Cuckoo has indeed been part of the beta testing, then it sounds like it’s just a case of him taking time to create his content - and good content takes time! I’m waiting with baited breath for more actual user reviews/deep dives (as are most on here I would guess)

With the price negatively out there from other ‘synthfluencers’ (love that term by the way) I was just concerned there was a bubbling conflict between TE and the community.

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as a side effect of this, I also predict a fall in the price of a second-hand OP1, as lots of people try to gather funds to …erm… “upgrade” by selling off their non-Field item

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I have already noticed a trend on eBay, they are going for around $700 with extras now, were floating around $8-900 for just the unit and maaaybe the usb cable with it just before op1f announcement

It’s definitely an upgrade.

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I must admit this had struck me too. I’m going to be a first time OP-1 owner when mine eventually arrives and went to all the usual places to get some preview of what I had to look forward to. Appreciate it will be similar to OP-1 but I did expect to see at least someone with some material on YouTube. I suspect the shipping delays may not be helping, although the main players out there would surely be getting early access units. Hope we’ll start to see something soon.