Iter, custom firmware, #246

Hello people,

I would like to get parts of the custom firmware onto my OG. OP1.

  1. is it possible to get only, say, iter and filter fx into the main Synth/drum/master-effect menus and the cool iter-lab graphics? while leaving the rest of the os as it is (#246)?

  2. is it possible to keep usb-audio function from #243 when using custom firmware, or parts?



its pretty much all laid out in the firmware repacker github

but yes u can select which mods u want
and yes nothing else from the actual firmware version u are unpacking and repacking is affected so u will have all the features of whatever version u unpack and repack

have fun


That I will, thanks a Lot docshermsticks!

Thatโ€™s really great!!



Sorry for the dump questions that are going to come now:

On the GitHub page: Do I have to download every single folder and file manually?

Where would I have to save those files in MacOX environment in order to have python recognize it?

Can I just repack the firmware from the TE side, or has it to be the file from the GitHub-page?

I understand the readme-file, but I donโ€™t know how to perform the very first steps to set things up.

Or maybe, is there a step-by-step process noted somewhere?

Sorry and thanks for helping out๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Ok sry, my fault was just that I thought I had to put the repacker-folder somewhere first to have python recognize it, which is why my installation attempts failed: All it needs, is an Internet-connection, and it downloads the files by itself as you give the install-command :sweat_smile:. I used python 3.6.7
I overthought things with implementing an environment.