I've made a house-ish kit for the op-1 field, felt like sharing!

So…I wanted to try both the official beta drumkit builder from TE and this drumsynth plugin I got on offer a few months ago on launch and never bothered to try… so I thought “hell, let’s make a drumkit for the op-1 field”.

The official TE tool is kinda cool, it lets you tweak the chops length and the sample settings, it’s really straightforward to use, will test it with the op-z at some point, but I’m kinda bummed by the 12 secs limitation.

The Air Drumsynth plugin is nice but nothing remarkable, it lacks some obvious configurations and QoL features that don’t justify the 100 price tag, I got it at half the price on launch which is fine.

Anyhow here’s the kit, feel free to download it and do whatever you want with it ( it’s obviously free…unless you wanna buy me a coffee :relaxed:).

It comes with the one-shots in case you want to use it in your DAW…It’s really nothing special, it’s the first time I share something so I’m also kinda ashamed :joy:!

Let me know if you like it and let me hear what you make with it in case you use it!


Gonna try this one tomorrow.
Cool af! Love the initiative!