i’m not @Cuckoo …but riding his coattails, and without mockery of anyone’s situation while we are learning new ways to live. i made this hashtag on Insta for some tracks i’ve been playing around with.

with shelter in place and other new ways to focus time and energy, music provides an outlet for me. i would suspect this is true of many folks in this community.

here’s a couple of tracks that i’ve been experimenting with during this unprecedented time. be safe.


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@everyone…what’re YERS?

Here’s my background music chill loop for working from home. Let the jamdemic begin!

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it’s been getting pretty weird.

@bizimana - i love this track of yours.

here’s some more. days seem to go on forever, and then end.


just cement yourself for now. count the time until it has passed. stay in place.

we’ll break out, straight Han Solo

@kln Love the transition to water drops & the reverse hi-hats(I think?) in Not Gone. Also, I’ve added your Sequence track to my playlist of chill vibes to study/read to. Super cool jams for sure! Keep it up! Looking forward to more from you.

a message to all. keep making music.

An Eb experiment inspired by a friend developing a game involving mixing potions.

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more chemistry

stay busy. stay healthy. (if this was a disco cut, i’d say stayin’ alive). stay at home.

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another piece while hunkering down. 2020, what have you done to us?

That’s mine:


a big pick me up. the world turns fast as f.

radio freedom. okay? let’s bounce!

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stuck in your space? tried an Insta challenge, and came up with this.

On the ambient tip


Just found this thread and there’s some great lockdown jams in here! Here’s my effort, it’s a track made purely out of samples of my microwave (gotta look for inspiration somewhere when trapped indoors!).


still stuck. officially.


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