I did this last year and it was great. If you’re doing it post it here - or your instagram or youtube where you’re posting them. I finished this after midnight, but I’m still counting it as Day 1


thanks @el_wombato for making this thread and nice loop. I can feel the midnight atmosphere.

Made this today. First attempt on the op-z. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsJKaIwIudx/


Nice work, @el_wombato and @flom! @flom, I love the booming bass sounds of your track. Here’s mine from last night. https://soundcloud.com/kf6gpe/01-jamuary-2019

Here’s my 2nd jam. Hope I can keep up https://www.instagram.com/p/BsIp0S3hcvN/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=b8vzrnv8i7oy

Here’s my day 2

Wow. Y’all are good! Here’s my second — playing with polyrhythms, and trying to get better at timing my punch-in effects. I’ve only put in about two hours so far with the OP-Z, and #jamuary2019 seems to be a good way for me to get pointed practice every day. Thanks!

Really liking that scifi thing @mrclean -my type of thing, very filmy.
Also using more than one box, that sequencer looks pretty.


Nice @eesn very nice.

my short jam from January 3, made on the op-z. nice loops you made @JohnnyEgo. are they entirely op-z?

today’s jamuary loop.

@Spheric_El said:
Nice @eesn very nice.

thanks dude, the hashtag stream is actually pretty fun to listen to

yap. its a mixture between OP-Z into the OP-1. my fav. @flom

Yes I had a little nose round your instagram page :slight_smile: @eesn
It’s all quite new to me that site, so nice to get drawn in.

(I’m still not advanced enough to hashtag about the place).

I did the sketch for this on the 3rd, cleaned up the levels and added some live punch-in fx today.


Day 2, which was also past the deadline by a few minutes. Oh well

Day 3

Day 4

Instagram tip: you can follow hashtags - I follow both #jamuary and #jamuary2019

@Spheric_El said:
Yes I had a little nose round your instagram page :slight_smile: @eesn
It’s all quite new to me that site, so nice to get drawn in.

what, instagram or my page? jamming vids is just about the only thing instagram is still good for :slight_smile:

p.s. #jamuary2019 link: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/jamuary2019/