Japanese android market app question


I’ve been wanting to buy an old Japanese phone for collector/sentimental purposes… I’m just wondering if i’d still be able to use the
wifi, access the android market and download apps here in North America?

Didn’t know where else to ask this question, Thank you in advance.

SO usually these chinese/japanese android phones dont come with the PLAYSTORE(where we download apps.) the chinese/japanese markets have there own appstore because they speak a different language(but that might be fine for you and is oddly better in some ways.) If you want the normal app store XDA developers should have hefty amounts of documentation showing you how to add google play services(gapps) to your specific phone. You will be able to download apps from the chinese/japanese app stores in the US it will just all be in those languages.

Generally i buy phones/tablets based off the amount of support/documentation already available on XDA.

That’s good news. I just want to take this opportunity to get the phone fully loaded with all the apps I want the way I remember it before it gets too old. I want to access the NA app store but I’m sure I could find some things of interest on the JP one =D.

XDA Developers is pretty dead for anything that isn’t homebrew so I must ask my question here.

Got my phone, there doesn’t seem to be an earphone jack. I want to connect this to earphones/speakers.
As you can see, it charges by a base with connectors on the side. All there is is a small USB port on the side.
I tried to get a good picture but could not focus for the life of me…

If I want to connect this to earphones/Speakers I need some kind of USB to 3.5mm/headphone jack, right?
Would that work? I’ve never seen one before.

@johnsmith maybe bluetooth adapter or headphones?

I would prefer non-wireless.


Earphone not connected! Not only did I wait nearly a month for the thing to arrive, it doesn’t seem to work!

I’m going to the store to see if I just got unlucky with a bad adaptor, but If this phone is broken/incapable of using a
wired connection then I’m going to have to go wireless/bluetooth. It’s not exactly something I can return as it is an old limited edition NOS kitch item from Japan…

What are my wireless options??? I’ve never actually tried anything bluetooth. Is there a delay? Sound quality issues? I thought of something I want to try. This old phone could be a replacement lofi mic of sorts with my OP-1. Blutooth to 3.5mm, does that work? What’s the best bluetooth adapter for the OP-1’s 3.5mm (or USB port if that’s even possible???).

I still may be able to salvage this phone to some practical use lol… If I could get it working as a Bluetooth Microphone, that’d actually be pretty cool…

Can anyone confirm OP-1 with Bluetooth Receiver will work with a Bluetooth Microphone app? (Android or IOS)

it will 100% work. bluetooth transmiters are pretty full proof provided they can connect with your phone first. Bluetooth most likely has some latency. android has horrible audio latency. id assume this was for music production as this is a music forum. nobody uses android for audio. IOS all the way. I do really like audioid for android as its a very cheap METROPOLIS emulator (super awesome modular synth device.) I often feed this into my op1.

edit- bluetooth has audio degredation. basically bluetooth audio is lower quality.

Meh, Lofi is Lofi. I faintly recall somekind of black box build specifically for the OP-1 and I think it may have had Bluetooth (Came with a wooden case). I’m aware all the android bluetooth apps have lag, half a second isn’t that bad, I’ve dealt with worse. I’ve read the microphone quality is slightly better than Iphone as a mic though.

Just need a couple recommendations for which bluetooth receiver looks good. This forum has never steered me wrong. Thanks.

Was kind of iffy about not using a hard connection, but I guess that’s just how things are now. No reason to still be apprehensive/afraid about going wireless lol…