Josker sesh - 4 days of electronics

Okay, let’s go - I’ve retreated to the countryside, with the goal of maximizing the tuneage for four days.

I thought it’d be fun to document it, so I’ll try to keep a production diary of sorts, maybe you’re interested in this stuff :slight_smile:

By the way, if anyone wants to, I’d be really happy to receive a sample from the guys on here. Just one or two, and preferably esoteric stuff - field recordings, strange fx or such. I thought it could be a fun way to involve others! If you do give me something, I’ll make sure to let you know what came of it!

That looks like fun!!!

Problem number one: No matter how many cables you bring, you always miss one. Sadly, it’s the one that would allow to connect the OP-1 to the mixer… Will have to scout nearby cities for jack adapters. Of course, I had a ton of them at home. Doh.

Of course, either that or the power adapter cable.

I don’t see how the 4 days bit is relevant. that setup is enough to last forever. : )

#AmazonPrime :wink:

Looks like a great setup! Have lots of fun!

@beefinator - Yeah it’s pretty crazy… I remember being eighteen at the end of the nineties, and the Machinedrum was the holy grail. I thought I could make mountains move if I could get that thing some day (I was really into IDM back then). So in a way, I’m livin’ the dream right now :slight_smile:

@MrJoshua - it’d be fun to see how they hack that one :smiley:

Used my iPhone and Hokusai to record the elevator at my work. Enjoy!

@KrisM - yess, you totally got the idea! Thank you!

edit: weird, it’s a G, flat by some 20 cents… There goes your office feng shui :smiley:

Day two wrapped up.

Note to self: Never switch things around in your setup while trying to get stuff done – leads to distraction.

I also ran into an old friend, a bug in the A4 that messes pattern changes up, and actually ended up submitting a PDF file of midi map key change pattern/note equivalencies… :smiley:

But even though it sounds like shit, it was actually great! Two days behind, two things recorded, things that are like songs. That’s a lot for me.

Loving the Converse sample library. I think I’ll have to head outside with the laptop and try to scour the library for some acapellas tomorrow morning – you can’t be totally productive for 14 hours straight, so something easy would be good to start the day.

I made a short piano riff of KrisM’s elevator sound. It’s in G Major, majors are unusual for me. Will have to chop the rest up soon :smiley:

Today it’s been a sampling day. I raided a nearby flea market and found some surprisingly good stuff - the curtis mayfield soundtrack is my favorite, even though it’s not very, uh, sampleable.

Even though I was big into making hiphop stuff in the past, now it’s not going in that direction - oh well, been enjoying going with the flow.

I was having a tough time getting usable from samples and was on the verge of calling the day a failure. Then i forgot to save some slice allocations, and the Octatrack ended up simplifying my piano riff very much, which showed me the way - had to cut the excess!

Goddamn usb hub was next in line to give me trouble - kept crashing the midi interface, which was very frustrating. Someone want a usb hub?
Eating, washing up etc. seem pretty trivial, but nevertheless, I’ve been doing it.

I love this. Setup looks great.

Here’s a sound of my dog humming and quietly yapping, if it’s not too late!

Not too late! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Edit: Holy… I’m alone in a house in the woods, this sample can and probably will give me bad dreams :smiley: Hope it’s a cute dog, something small and unthreatening.


ha yes, he is


Today has been flannelly.


The VHS Crosstalk is amazing. The sounds are something I'd expect from a sound pack I pay money for – not your bread and butter drum and synth sounds, but something surprising.

It's also very cool to study how somebody else constructs their kits. There are also some surprises in the way the kits are set up – some decisions that I wouldn't have thought of myself, so that makes for good lessons.

Yesterday I said that the hiphop thing isn't happening, but today I ventured a bit in that direction, which is nice. The Crosstalk made it easy to get a good drum groove going, and the Erebus actually deals out killer rubbery synth bass. I felt like I was all the members of Parliament when playing it.

Next up – got to chop up @sirtimp 's dog speak – what a cool little feller (both @sirtimp and the dog :D). I think that the OP-1 is going to be used for his and @KrisM 's samples, because there's a thunder storm coming. I actually had the electricity fail on me once, for like one second – really glad I'd saved just before...

EDIT: The piece of shit USB Hub, in the picture, top center. Sandberg is the brand, avoid like the black plague!