JP is alive, and I have spoken with him (and now we have the old database)

I was able to get a response from JP this morning. He’s alive and well, and has been travelling which is why he hasn’t been able to deal with the site, or respond to normal emails. He says he did not auction it, but it isn’t coming back, either.

He also said he is going to try and get a dump of the database over to me/us by the end of the week :slight_smile:

and he apologizes for the inconvenience and that he’ll try and get this fixed for us asap.

That is great news!

In the mean time, for those desperate to access the old site, do the following:

Edit your “hosts” file (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows or /private/etc/hosts on Mac) and add the following line at the end:

Now try to open the old site in your browser as before, like “”.

That is great news! It all seems much less strange now and I, for one, am happy there’s no bad blood.




I’m a little surprised that there was no “heads up” in advance of this, though.

Agreed, a “hey guys I’m going to be travelling, the site is going down, and I don’t want to deal with this shit anymore so I’m not renewing” would have been great.

But oh well, what can you do after it’s already happened?

That would require knowing the site would expire while away. Travel often means such menial things go unnoticed.

he knew back in March it was expiring in June @Lushr

Granted that could have slipped his mind anyway, and we know he has a lot of websites. But he did know at one point.

I think the point that we all reached out in the past, to not let this happen is the part I am most annoyed with. That fact I cleaned the applications account 5 times a day, and if I didn’t the number of applicants would get so high it break the software. Since I was doing that I ask to no avail to figure something out. I am fine with giving up and I am fine with making money. What I am not fine with is ignoring.

But yay he is alive and krism is a diplomat and I am a asshole!

lol @dimi3

Thanks for all your efforts @dimi3!

Agreed @punji Thank you @dimi3

Glad to hear JP is alive. Again many members were pro active in making sure this didn’t happen and were ignored. Kinda frustrating, but great to hear we might be able to get that precious data. Thanks to JP for his service In the community! Now, a new era begins.

I’m glad JP is ok. In this world of “virtualness”, I feel it’s all too easy for people to just drop off the radar, you know like when someone is really active on a forum and then there’s a point where you see no posts from them at all and really you have no idea what has happened to them. Here’s hoping it’s possible to retrieve the Ohpeewon data. And moving forward, the one thing we’ve not lost is this great community uniting around the OP-1. Thanks to all who’ve got Operator-1 up and running - the future has begun!

I just emailed @dimi3 the database.

JP apologizes if people were worried and is surprised people thought it was dead; it was just a case of hobbies needing to take a back seat to life for a bit. He also said that GoDaddy now wants a premium to resurrect the old domain and he just doesn’t have the time to invest to get it all back up.

So that’s that. He’s been here to this site, but I don’t know that he’s a member or not. I haven’t seen any ‘JP’ or one of the emails of his that I have on an applicant, but he is hopeful to get back to music some day, so who knows.

if he can also zip the site that world be useful…

Yay for the old database! I think part of the problem of the old site was that the loading of additional messages on long threads was AJAXified, I don’t think these were indexed to Google properly. With the new theme and proper pagination, this is not a case any more. However, if you restore the old site on a subdomain @dimi3, try to change the theme too if you can, so that we can find old discussions better with Google’s search. Just my (fairly speculative) 2 cents…