Jump components on non-16 step tracks

Maybe someone here can help - I’ve been using the jump component to loop within tracks as shown with some of the pre-loaded tracks.
But if I use a non-16 step pattern (say, 12 steps) the jump components still reference the first, second, third or fourth quarter-bar.
Is there some way to jump to a manually chosen step?
Also, can anyone tell me what “gate step” does? (jump+0)

That weird behavior with the jump component and non-16 patterns was mentioned over the OPZuser sub-reddit as a bug or questionable design choice. The OP has informed TE about it already, so I guess now is wait and see…

It would be awesome if once you selected the jump, you could just manually select the desired jump destination… actually that’s how I thought it worked at first. But I guess that would require making the jump component work differently than the others.

I wish repeated button presses would cycle through each step within the measure it jumps to. Maybe a still LED for the first step, slow blink for second, faster for third, strobe for fourth.