Just got a po-133, where can I find a default po-33 backup file so I can try out the po-33 sounds?

Thank you!!

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You’re welcome

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Thanks for the reply! This actually has a link to the “Frekvens” soundpack, but does not have the original K.O. PO-33 default sounds.

Anyone out there with a K.O. PO-33 who can make a backup file out of the factory reset settings?

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Can you share a backup of the 133?

Dear friend! this is my original PO-33 backup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fyPdatMRk-uBIbNwFbzi8q_LMYB04h5s/view?usp=sharing


@becVision it would seem an authorization is needed to access the file…
(Edit: ok, working now)

I think this is it: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TYMJYKsey5yFyVQA1yVQfUyylo-QRrWQ

Please consider exporting a factory reset of your PO-33!


https://soundcloud.com/erwinried/sets/pocket-operator-backups <- exported po32,33,35

If you do a reset the original factory state will be restored I think it’s Hold pattern and write while inserting the batteries

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Thank you! Unfortunately it doesn’t work, maybe because of Soundcloud compression - BUT looks like @becVision got his file posted! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Oh I will try to upload it as hi-fi then on the weekend

I got the file so no worries, but I appreciate your effort. Did the Street Fighter one load okay?

(I can’t load po32 or po35 information on a 33, can I?)

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probably no? not sure. I need to upload them all again probably because the compression

it works!

I uploaded them again (including yours from the street fighter), I hope soundcloud compressing does not mess them as HD

We need backup of megaman and rick and morty now :smiley:

i think someone shared there rick and morty back up on here awhile ago
megaman is a PO28 robot. there is no backup.

Rick & Morty PO-137 Stereo Boosted.(.wav) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUoPty9gvH6eQCAdBrUsxszoqWSMHl-t/view?usp=sharing

PO-33 original (.aiff) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gdGiPO4QxpUf9rT54vR-EA_qX0KLAWUW/view?usp=sharing

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For some reason when I download the aiff file it says the file is corrupted or is not a valid aiff. Any ideas?

Recharged .wav :wink:
PO-33 original
PO-35 original
PO-32 original


You’re awesome! Thank you !

You can get them from teenage engineering site, but I’ve never been able to get anything but error when I try.
To do this Push write + record + sound and it will be in receive mode [rcv] then use aux cable with full volume and press transfer on the sample pack.