Just got the new BeatBuddy drum machine pedal (demo videos using midi sync w/ Elektron A4)!!!

I haven't heard any talk around here of the new Beatbuddy drum machine and I just got mine from their pre-ordering on kickstarter some months ago (info here: http://mybeatbuddy.com). It is so AWESOME!!! has incredible sounding drum samples that you can real time change (with your hands or feet), changing fills, adding crashes, sound fx, all staying in sync. And with external foot switches it sounds totally realistic and you can get so dynamic adding the fills and stuff. Very easy plug and play use, but very pro sounds inside...

Here are a couple quick vids i did with it synced using midi with the Elektron Analog Four and working quite well. Ive barely scratched the surface really and the software app and forum is not even available yet for added editing/creating/sharing.




Please watch and comment, Im pretty new at this stuff so let me know... if theres much interest I could do vids using with my OP-1 too.

yes! please film with some op-1 if possible…. mine is in the mail and i can’t wait to see how they play together….

this seems very interesting. looking forward to hearing more of this device. !

Interesting to hear someone other than a guitarist using this thing. Yes, do a vid w/ OP-1!

you two are the only two people I’ve ever seen admitting to buying a Beat Buddy >.>

Not dogging it, if you like it then great :slight_smile:

Sample that bitch and chop the loops in Drum Sampler!

Interesting, I love pedals so this has been on my radar for a while - I like how you’re using it. How the build quality, what is it made of, all that?