Just introducing myself (with video)

Hey everybody.

My name is Akeyling, nice to meet you all. I have been on this forum soooo many times before I bought the OP-1, it took me a long time but I finally decided to get one. I got mine about a week ago and have spend lots of hours with it already. The reason I bought the OP1 was because I got bored composing in Logic and Ableton. When I was a teenager me and my friend used to play around on the Juno-60, MPC2000, Microkorg and Alesis Micron but switched to software (which turned out to be the end of me working on electronic music). Since I am looking at a computer screen pretty much all day because of my work as a product developer and needed my music creation to be as far as way from the computer as possible. I just needed a different workflow. This is where the OP-1 came in. It’s perfect for working on ideas on the fly. I just uploaded the first ‘idea’ I worked on. Im planning to do more video’s and maybe dive into my friends studio to record some tracks someday.


Great work Welcome!

Nice, I like your camera shot.

heh, I myself also work as a product deleloper/manager and kinda bought the OP-1 for the same reason =)

Nice to have you onboard!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: @defectus great! Nice to meet all of you!

Welcome dude.

I still have my mpc2000 and micron hahahah!!

@flybry I still have the Micron but it’s output is broken I think. I read some things about it being a known problem for the synth. I might take it to the synth doctor soon!

Tanks for introducing yourself.
I actually learned from this “first idea”

Welcome aboard Akeyling :slight_smile:

Akeyling welcome on board! Great little tune you got going there.

I, very much like you, have been fed up with Ableton and Logic as it kills my creativity. I come from a DJ/Vinyl background and have been writing music (hobbyist) for the last 10yrs… Being a hardware junkie, I’ve missed making music on grooveboxes etc but I eventually turned to the modern DAW because it made more sense. With the OP-1, finally, my creativity is coming back, and I’m really enjoying making music again.

My only gripe is the fact that I cant (realistically) produce tracks that sound professional on this little box. It is far more efficient to use a DAW… for example, what I can do with Ableton and Push is super efficient… using my UA Apollo as an interface and throwing on an 1176 is something i cant do on this. I own a Machinedrum UW and just received an iConnectMidi 4+ device in the mail today so I’m looking forward to hooking it up and syncing my hardware to the OP…

Think if you take it for what it is… ie an extremely portable, all in one solution that you can take everywhere, sample anywhere and sequence as you please then all good… Am not yet convinced that I can rely on it however in the same way I can rely on any of my DAWs… guess sketch out the idea, and record/mixdown/process in the DAW of your preference…

In any case, its the coolest looking thing in the world…

Enjoy it!

My style of music? This is my set for anyone that likes minimal/tech…


@LyingDalai haha really? What did you learn?

@nikarga thanks for the story :slight_smile: I think youre right. You can’t do everything with it. But it does pretty much everything that I want it to do. As I said in my post, my friend owns a studio. I could easily go to him an record ‘professionally’ if I wanted to. The thing about the OP-1 is that it feels like a notebook to me. I can lay down ideas on the fly. All I ever asked for. Im never saw myself as a producer, more a songwriter.

@akeyling I’m new to electronic music, and basically stuck at the loop stage.
My favourite playground is switching kits on a pattern while playing some loop in the background.
You might have just unlocked the next stage for me :slight_smile:

And I’ll reuse the sampling of generated voice, it’s so Kid A :wink:

@lyingDalai well great! haha… Im no expert level with electronic music either, very far from it. Originally playing punkrock. Synths just always fascinated me and the OP-1 is exactly how electronic music production should work for me.