Just ordered RoliRise how will I connect it to the OP-1?

Pretty excited to see what the Rise controller could get out of OP-1’s synths. The problem is that both have midi over usb so I just have no idea how to connect them without using a computer. Anyone have any idea?



There are a few devices that can let you get rid of the computer for such task.

Or a standard USB hub and Midiflow if you’ve got an iOS device and a camera connection kit.

Try cerebel midi host from mode machines.

Thanks for the answers guys!
Alas most of the usb hosts I see are pretty expensive for a good but basic functionality.

Would a Op-Lab be more approrpiate? It seems to bring much more flexibility into a setup.

For example can I connect the Theremin CV outs to the OP-1 with no issues?
Or the Rise to other CV?

Sorry but I’m not exactly sure how all of this midi to cv works with the OP-1

hi @modular , keep me posted when you receive your rise.

I got mine last week, and haven’t tried to connect it to the OP1 yet (didn’t think about it in fact).
So far I played standalone, with equator, and it’s working great.

Using it with ableton is much more complicated though : you have to set-up 10 midi tracks to record all the parameters, and the equator plugin is using a lot of CPU… so it can be cracking a lot. two workarounds so far :

1) record my ableton track on one track of the OP1, and then record the sound of the rise/equator on another track on the OP1. Then transfer the track from the OP1 to Ableton. Then the only problem is that you lose the stereo by doing so.

2) use 2 different computer, one for Ableton, another one for equator/rise. Record as audio in ableton, using an audio interface (I’m using a behringer 202 which works just fine).

As I said, using Equator directly in Ableton is very difficult - let me know how you manage to do it.


Thanks for the information.
Yeah I would like as much as possible to bypass the computer as much as possible and use this setup as a wireless portable solution.

I think the OP-1 synths are pretty nice and could be influenced nicely by the Rise. Before I order a Op-lab I will definitely try to link them through a computer and keep you posted.
Just got the shipping date and its a week from now so follow this thread as I will try to keep you posted.

Anyway regarding my last question would be nice if anyone could enlighten me about the utility of the OP-lab as the Theremin could also be a nice expression device and would definitely convince me to get one also for the CV.

Guys I got it running. The OP-1 + Roli Rise with no computers involved using the Midi4+
I went for the utility choice as I found out about OP-lab’s limits and the higher price didn’t help.
OP-Lab is a great DIY experimentalist kind of tool but the Midi4 is definitely more studio ready.

I had so much fun with this combo. Sadly the expression that the OP-1 can receive is pretty limited but I got around that.
When playing single notes/leads the vibrato/glide is fantastic and it mostly functions beautifully.
As for chords there is no pitch bending sadly but the added velocity and fantastic feel of the Rise’s waves/keys made the OP-1’s synths shine.
I kept thinking that this must be one of the nicest digital synth I’ve ever played in my life.

So to compensate for the lack of native expression in this mode I set the cuttof to G-force and twisted the OP-1 in one hand while playing leads/chords with the other on the Rise… oh boy and what a ride that was @.@

I already contacted Roli support about this semi-compatibility and will contact TE to force their hand to join the MPE (Multitouch Polyphonic Expression) Mafia and add some advanced midi for the OP-1.

This pair is a match made in heaven… they just have few communication issues, once those sorted out… man beautiful things … I’m telling you guys… pure bliss as is… but if MPE will be supported on the OP-1 … no words

Will try to post a video… i got lost in the … it was … no words

@moduler Good to know !

Just so you know, I resolved I had with linking the Rise to Ableton. Basically I adjusted sample and rate drasticaly to avoid cracking.

@wam Glad you got it working properly.
I’m still on 32bits because of some vst’s that I use and didn’t test the Equator yet in Live as I was in the middle of a project and there is no win 32bit vst yet .

Will install the latest version of Ableton 64bit and see what happens with Equator in Live.

What I didn’t manage to do was play with Aalto in MPE mode. I think there is a problem with Live in that regard as it doesn’t support MPE at all.
Maybe I have to install Bitwig? Or send a email to Ableton to demand this as I don’t want yet another DAW (as nice as Bitwig might be).

Keep in touch!

I was glad to see this thread. I just ordered a Roli Rise 25 and part of getting it was the excitement of using it with the OP-1! I already have the Camera Connection Kit and a USB hub. I think I can get it all working. @moduler - any advice now that you’ve used the Roli for a while with the OP-1?

You can plug a Roli straight into an OP-Z and it’ll work. I’ve tried it with a Blocks keyboard. You even get pitch bend when you slide a finger sideways.

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@Mistercharlie I really didn’t need to hear that… lol! Considering I just dropped a big wad on the Seaboard Rise. Oh well, it’s only money!