Just Purchased new Op-1

Hi all
So i went ahead and clicked the Buy button. I bought the antenna too.

Can you give me some sort of pre checklist of things to do like upgrading OS. (Is it OS 14203 from their site?)

Also any tips on a run through to make sure its all working would be helpful.

A few newbie questions sorry. What is a slump? And nobody talks much about the Arpeggio. Isnt it much use?

Soooo excited. Its like creative nirvana.

Has anyone been dissappointed here? Everyone seems its the best thing they ever bought? I cant wait and will let you all know as soon as i get it.

Thanks for the support guys!

Congrats and welcome!

Of course you can check the OP-1, there are a lot to chose from the COMbutton menu. Power up while holding the COM button… or you just begin playing on your new device!

Your OP-1 willbe shipped with a more recent firmware, higher than 14203 if you bought it from TE’s shop.

Slump is a synth engine from the Beta 76 OS, if installed you can choose this synth by pressing the BIG 1-button under the screen, not from the normal menu (1-8 buttons)

Most people here love their OP-1 and take it to bed with them ; )

Thanx Mixrasta.

The OS i mentioned is the one on the TE site. Do i have to go somewhere else for this Beta ive heard of?

The OP was bought from an online music store not TE. How should i check which version it is?

I will be taking it to bed lol.

I stumbled upon a reddit zipfile link 076 .

Is this the right file? Is it safe to use as its not on the TE site.

That sounds like the correct file. It’s not available from the TE site, as it’s a ‘leaked’ beta.