Just put out an EP, features the OP1 throughout

Hey guys,

My hip-hop duo Grey Yard just put out a new EP called ‘Singularity’. It’s all synth-based (no samples except some maschine drums), with all the vocal cuts and chops done on the OP1. Other synths used are the Nord Lead 2, Novation Bass Station 2 & Circuit, and Microgranny 2. One instance of Massive was used for a filthy bassline, but no other VSTs used.

The most OP1-heavy track is dual-track 6, when the piece splits from SATV to Time Fabric.

Hope you can dig it, any questions fire away!

@millbastard Really good ep, I particularly like the crunchy drums on ‘I Never Knew’ and the last track transitions between sections really well. Whats making the big synth sounds on ‘Whole World’?

@wolflegjon thanks man! You’ve pointed out my three fav tracks (the second half of the EP). I Never Knew was actually a bit of an experiment to see how well I could re-sample an entire project within Maschine to a spare pad (kind of how some people build a track on an sp404) rather than just bouncing out a linear project. Made it a bit harder to mix as it was a stereo bounce, but the pieces fit really well together.

Whole World big synth blasts were a combo of the Nord Lead and Bass Station 2, linked via MIDI and played in. The NL2 had a bit of growly FM and put in unison mode so it’s nice and wide, then the BS2 slams through the middle. The arp in the background is a second pass of the BS2. That one is gonna be a lot of fun live…