Just released my first beattape made entirely on the OP1! (hiphop/boombap)

my biggest inspiration was madlib https://soundcloud.com/grumpysnorlax/mega-punch

@grumpysnorlax Really cool vibes, I can certainly hear the Madlib influence (in a good way). Nice range of tones and the whole thing flows very well.

@grumpysnorlac So ambience wibes, excellent first try!

This is awesome! Well done


Wicked stuff! Congrats

Thankyou everyone! Im hard at work on something else maybe by the start of fall


Good stuff!

really good stuff dude!! Big Madlib fan as well and loving the vibe

Rocking it at the day gig right now. Good work man

@lefilou you are actually one of the biggest influences I had for purchasing an OP1, always posting a beat with a view and a brew! keep it up love your videos

I truly appreciate all of the support ive been getting makes me want to put out more and more. Im hoping I can fund a 404sx and get down to business!

Soundtrack for the summer, AWESOME mix!!!

Great! I haven’t taken a listen but I bloody will do! Nice to hear so much positivity!!!

Love it. The “Mario” section is very good.

@3sleeves ayye thanks homie!

@hismostdarxxxellent the op1 community is the best for bringing the positivity!
@johnl thanks man I went for that nostalgic vibe


Maan. This shit is soooo chiillled… and very inspiring!

@aeoner @sucik thank you so much!