Just took the plunge

Just wanted to introduce myself. After years of lusting after the OP-1 I finally took the plunge.

I’ve gone from a small cave of synths, drum machines, controllers, and computers surrounding me to the OP-1, a piano, and one analog synth.

Just got the OP-1 last night and I’m hooked, was up late playing and exploring. Really enjoying myself so far.

Welcome to the club. OP-1 is awesome. It’s become my main instrument. Try not to fall too much in love.

Welcome. I was there in February 2013 and finally got one. It’s been a little turbulent, but I don’t regret the purchase and like @JohnSmith it’s pretty much my favorite thing for music’ing. I actually want a second one, now.

Thanks. I’ve been trying to figure out what shift+drop does, and what the dot means?

The dot means nothing so far. You can drop from tape to sampler and back, also synth engines. And in finger seq you can copy sequences and in drumsampler copy sample bits from key to key with the lift drop function. Vry intuitive @Proteus

Cool. One other thing I can’t seem to find an answer to is how the stutter tape trick works. Can you change the divisions? It seems to be based on the tempo/tape speed.

Yes, unfortunately you cannot change it…