Keep volumes or other parameters from one pattern to another

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When playing live, for example with a midi controller for the volumes or filters cutoff, is it possible to tell the Op-Z to “forget” the parameters recorded on the pattern and instead keep those from the current pattern.

For example, if the last time I played pattern 2 I set the bass at volume 50, and now I’m playing pattern 1 with bass at volume 20, I’d like to be able to switch to pattern 2 smoothly by keeping the bass at 20.

I know that I can prevent auto saving parameters so I could for example decide that I set all my volumes at 20 and when switching from one pattern to another I first go back to all tracks at 20 before switching but this is really not ideal.

I could probably use an external controller like puredata to memorize the parameters when playing live and reapply them after switching pattern but I’d like a “computer-less” solution.

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I don’t think there is a way to do it while performing/on the fly, the closest i can think of is the copy track, copy settings, and copy pattern,so you could try to do the copy settings action to the second track, on the fly, but that isnt ideal. ( – i actually think the pure data route makes a lot of sense if you were to pair the op-z with an organelle (which is a good combo) and write the PD patch, which should be simple. i don’t think i have a major need for it, but i am tempted to try bc i can


I will try the copy settings and see what it does. Organelle is something I looked at but felt like it would not add much to the opz itself. I may try something with a raw raspberry…

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