keiko narahashi - passion

hi guys, some of you liked my last album - i have a new one, though i might share! :slight_smile:

lots of synths and drum machines!

Passion | Keiko Narahashi

Just had a very quick listen to some of the tracks. Sounds like I need to listen to it properly a bit later.

I like the mix of the katakana with English in the third track name; “Just add milk”, presumably? And generally using both English and Japanese track names is something I think is cool.

Anyway, the little bits I’ve listened to so far sound great, so I’ll get back to it after some errands.

Keep up the good work!

Cool, I like the Berliner Schule style! Are those live sessions/ live recordings?

thanks guys! :slight_smile: … yes hakon san, ミルク is milk!

mixrasta san, i have been listening a lot to stereolab this year and think that their style has influenced me … lots of droney, repetitive stuff. yes, it is all live recordings. i got a cirklon lately and it’s soooooo good for that type of music :slight_smile: