Kenton Midi USB Host + USB Hub

Can you connect a USB Hub to the Kenton Midi USB Host? If so, I will buy it.

No, this is not working. It’s a shame but you have to buy a Kenton USB Host unit per machine you wanna use it. Maybe its possible if a little modding on the unit is done but i don’t know.

i use a USB hub just fine

i am waiting on the kenton usb host midi and the 5 trhu midi

i want at least 4 synths into a sequencer - i will let you know how it works

are you thinking of other usb only midi gear though (obviously)

so forget

I run midi thru box after Kenton and it works fine for me. Idk about anything other than a thru tho

So is it now possible to connect a usb hub to the Kenton for connection several usb midi devices? Lescour says yes, amidis no.

@flocked I was actually investigating this myself and found this article.

It mentions compatability and the ability for usb hub to work, but some midi keyboards not working.

I’m in the same boat trying to decide what USB host to get. I might get the Iconnect midi usb host, it appears to be more reliable, but dunno its a bit of a gamble right?

Mio4 if you don’t need iOS compatibility :slight_smile:

I believe the reason that some folk think the Kenton MIDI USB Host Mk 2 doesn’t work with a USB hub and others think it does is because this was implemented a few releases ago in firmware version 2004.

My Kenton device had firmware version 1000 and did NOT work with my USB hub. Today I updated my Kenton firmware to the current version 2006 and it now works with the same USB hub.

Note that some devices after a certain serial number will already work and some devices before an earlier serial number cannot have their firmware updated by the user. Details in the Kenton manual.

Use Sysex to check your firmware version - no point in doing an upgrade if you don’t need to.

Note also that when performing the Sysex firmware update, it is possible to brick your device, so make sure to read the readme file which accompanies the syx file.

It worked painlessly first time for me. Once I worked out how to create and send an arbitrary Sysex message and read the response.


i should also mention usb3 devices and hubs being increasingly picky about older usb (1,2) lately.

The MuMidi HubLink (saw it on BoBeats and at will link and power two USB-MIDI Devices without the need for a computer and supports USB-MIDI Devices that contain Hubs.
It looks like there is a new product about to be released (HubMidi) that also has Serial MIDI ports (i.e. 2 USB-Host ports plus serial MIDI In and Out) with a bunch of different routings.