Key replacement and clip damage

Hi all

My Op-1 took a knock recently, and the shift key broke off. The scissor mechanism below is snapped, but I also knocked out one of the small clips above and to the left of the moulding (I think the scissor mechanism hooks on to these?) I’ve been in contact with TE support, asking if the replacement key caps include these clips, or if I need to order a whole replacement keyboard, but they’re not being very clear in their response - just saying that they include the cap and the scissor mechanism. Does anyone here know? Will I need to get a whole new keyboard? I’d rather do that than pay the prohibitive shipping from Sweden for something that won’t work. I’ve attached a photo which I hope shows the missing bit.


Or I thought I attached it… Attached now.

Does not look like you need a full new keyboard. Try asking ifixit. Maybe they have some keys left.

damn that sucks man. My cat pushed mine off a three foot desk and it landed to where the back panel fell off but everything else was fine. I swear in that moment my heart skipped several beats.