Keyboard replacement, still buggy?

I’ve had my op-1 for 4 years and it’s worked perfectly up until recently. A few months ago the last key on the keyboard (high E) started acting buggy when I pressed on the bottom it would register the key strike as if I was playing it rapid fire but if played on the top of the key it was fine. I kept playing it just learning to play the key so it would work for me. As time went on I had about 4-5 keys bug out and do the same, some worse than others. After purchasing a replacementment keyboard from iFixit all my problem keys work like new except for that initial last key that the trouble started with. It now has different problem where it only registers about half the presses. Not sure if anyone knows how to troubleshoot this just figured I’d see if anyone has any ideas?

I’ve had two ops. Both have keys which retrigger occasionally, but not all the time. It seems to depend someone on how you press it. I give you hit the key the bit tentatively we can double check, which is particularly troublesome if your finger drumming, but it is what it is. I’ve never had a problem as bad as your line, and I’m not technical whizz by any measure. But if you replace the keyboard in the same key that’s still retriggering, then perhaps it’s the connection on the op1 motherboard and which is not receiving the connection from that problem key? If that is the case, it’s probably not a good thing. Not sure how you would fix it oh… Crap comma good luck