Keyboard test fail

I had power up problem, after a while it eventually woke up but, the right half of the op-1 was unresponsive.
I tried for half an hour to get the com button to work, then made as factory reset and test.
test passed all but one single key, the paste key on the left side. All right side passed the test. Weird.
Upgraded the firmware to 225 successfully. I could play for a while before quit but I did not switch off, instead I let it on.
Came back after 6 hours. Com button as well as all right side of the OP1 was unresponsive again.
Switched off and on. Com unresponsive.

My guess the UI board is gone. Anyone had same issue? DSP Board has been recently replaced and all was working fine except for overload freezes but I did not think it was going to be this bad. It has been sit idle for a while since those freezes. Now I'm seriously worried I have to service it again.
After another half an hour of switching off and on I got back.
The paste key is still not working and I could not enter test mode.
Keeping Shift-COM pressed all the time and perform multiple on-off.
TE BOOT 2.13
Test failed again. One hour later. Format drive what would that do?
Can it be the keyboard only or the UI board? How do I know it???
knobs are always responsive, all other buttons starting right of the display were and will stop again.

You could try to apply compressed air under the faulty key.

If that doesn’t work, and your device is still under warranty, contact TE for repair.

If not, you could try to open the OP-1 to check the keyboard connection to the main board. If that doesn’t help, the keyboard needs to be replaced.