Keyboard transpose on op1f should affect outgoing midi notes!

I’ve been having a great time playing iOS organ sounds from op1f over usb. But the keyboard transpose setting on op1f does not seem to affect outgoing midi notes. Is there a way to change that? If not I guess it’s a feature request …

Wait… it doesn’t???

I’m traveling and don’t have mine with me. I will be sure to do this when I get home.

I think the OG does – I’ve used it as a controller.

To my knowledge, there is no setting to do this.

That’s really, really bizarre. I’d call that a bug rather than a feature request!

I get home late Tuesday and will try this as well. (What version firmware are you running)? What do other people think?

if yall are referring to “detune notes” setting
then yea that does NOT transpose the midi notes going out
atleast on the OG

fwiw i would take the terminology “detune” and interpret it as detuning the sound engine
not transposing the notes that the keyboard itself is sending

but should it also transpose the midi notes too?
yea that would be nice
if u were using both internal & external sound sources
and wanted to match them up for instance

if yall are referring to the octave up and down arrows in either OP1 or CTRL mode
then that does transpose the midi output but only by octaves

if u are using DRUM then hitting the octave arrows does NOT transpose the midi
but rather just changes the pitch octave up/down for the sound
midi stays static at 53-76

yeah octave switching works fine

i would like the “detune notes” to also transpose outgoing midi

that’s easier for playing external midi synths (i transpose because i don’t want to spend years learning scales) and also better for being able to double up synths (op1 and external).

Oh, got it. I, too, thought you meant octave tuning. Phew.

Yeah, I’m not sure about the other.