Keys doubling at random?

Sure the master LFO isn't engaged?



yes I made sure everything was off. it’s not even every time i hit a key, it happens at random.

Stupid questions, but:

  1. Sure the master FX isn’t engaged?
  2. Sure the sequencer isn’t engaged?
  3. Sure the master LFO isn’t engaged?

Sure the master LFO isn't engaged?


Oh, yeah. Haha.


I am having this exact problems on two(!) new OP-1 I recently bought. I wrote to TE to ask if it could depend on usage, or some firmware bug that needs to be fixed. If curious, take a look at the problem:


The question is how often it repeats randomly. Mine does it sometimes as well, especially when hitting them harder.
So is it every second time, every 10th or less or more?


it does that not very frequently. Is it something that settles after a while?


Yes mine settled after a while.
Haven’t noticed it come back yet.


@superandrew did you manage to sort this issue I have just received an op 1 and it is doing the exact same thing, it is very annoying as you never no what it is going to do it gets in the way of playing it in an enjoyable way, I am going to phone the retailer today maybe send it back


@Louis14 I’ve been there. After returning one I ordered another which had the same behaviour. I decide to keep it and after a while the problem seemed to be less present. I mean, it is always there in certain conditions but it is barely noticeable. You probably change your playing technique, you begin finding other ways to do stuff, you use more the pattern sequencer for drums. With this of course I don’t mean that yours might not be malfunctioning or have some hardware problems, just telling my experience which was very frustrating at first but then it settled in some way.


@superandrew, I kind of guessed that it might be a bit of a quirk of the op-1 I think I might find a work around as I do really like the machine as it is a lot of fun to just make sounds on.


Hey I know this is an old topic, but do people still.have this issue? Did anyone find replacing the keyboard to actually help? I’m not adverse to doing so, I just don’t wanna drop $ on fixing something if it’s not going to resolve the issue…