Keys doubling at random?

Edit: I think I'm just not used to the sensitivity of the keys. I've learned to adapt to it and haven't noticed as much. I've been switching between the OP-1 and a Micron, so there's a huge difference in the types of keys. That may be throwing me off.

Sounds like MIDI echo. Try it without the USB plugged in.

You positive you don’t have a sequencer triggering with each key press?

Tried with nothing plugged in, same issue. Sequencer was my first thought and I verified it was not on either.

Is it every key?
I had some double triggering or sustain issue on a couple of keys ,for a while ,but it did clear up. Like dust or something.

I get some doubling. Depends on where I hit the keys.

Ie. Hit em in the middle (white ones) not on the edge.

Thanks guys. It doesn’t seem to matter where I hit on the key or which key it is (though I heavily favor the very left key (for kickdrum) when using the drum mode. Just got an email back from TE support this morning asking for serial number, so I’ll respond to them with that tonight after work.

I think mine does this once in a while. It also randomly triggers the sequencer sometimes when I’m playing chords.

Yeah I got that one.

Yeah I got that one.

So just playing in the keys for a while and it went away? Or did you have to use air duster spray or something?

aaaand TE support says my OP-1 is not under warranty anymore and suggested I go through iFixIt to order a new keyboard and swap the keys… ugh. :frowning: Why does something so expensive break so easily with such little usage? Dang.

Does it happen on every key or just some specific ones?

You might follow the iFixit guide to take them out the ones which have the behavior and clean them

Happening on any of the keys, not just specific ones. To me it seems a different issue than keys needing replaced but I was hoping they’d tell me they heard of the issue before and knew how else to resolve it.

Oh dang, that sure doesn’t sound like the problem is the keyboard itself. It makes sense to suspect that replacing the keyboard might not resolve the issue.

Make sure the people from TE do understand this!

Does it happen on a particular synth engine or on all engines/patches?


Happened on multiple drum patches I tried and on the various synth patches I tried

Maybe you could try to reset your OP-1 to factory settings

Maybe you could try to reset your OP-1 to factory settings

Thank you for the suggestion! I will back up what’s on there and try that this weekend.

Stupid questions, but:

  1. Sure the master FX isn’t engaged?
  2. Sure the sequencer isn’t engaged?
  3. Sure the master LFO isn’t engaged?