Keystep control OP-Z and NTS-1 simultaneously?

I’m wondering if I can use the Keystep to play the NTS, via a channel of the OP-Z.
Currently, the Keystep can play channels 1-8 on the Z, and even the tape track on 11.
If I choose the lights track (15) on the Z, the Keystep should be able to play that too, right? Is it possible to then route 15 from Oplab to the NTS with a 3.5mm TRRS?

I’m hoping to have a simple set-up, where I can program the Z with the Keystep, and at the touch of a button, move to playing the NTS with the Keystep. I’m sure this can be done, and I just don’t have knowledge.

Bestow the knowledge upon me, fellow traveller.

Yep, you don’t even need OPlab, the Z can do this through USB midi:

USB connect Keystep to OP-Z
midi out from the Keystep to the NTS-1 (use a Teenage Engineering-made or Korg friendly midi 5-pin to 1/8" adapter as there are two types and one won’t work)

match midi channels on NTS-1 and Keystep and you’re good.

That’s cool, but won’t that drain my battery?
I’m hoping to do it, and have the option of keeping the Z charging.

Kingston Nucleum lets you add power into the mix without any noise.

Ah! cool. I’ll check that out. Thanks.
Can’t help thinking, though, that there is a way without peripherals.
No matter, that’s very helpful.
Thanks :slight_smile: