Khordmaster Soundscapes Vol. 9

Hey guys!

New to the forum. Wanted to share that I’ve started a new series called Khordmaster Soundscapes.

A catchy and trippy beat made with the OP-Z.

This is one of my favorite tracks currently on my OP-Z. I love how the 3 parts all sound distinct yet cohesive, and they are all created solely by the mute group function and and some nifty usage of the tape track and performance track.

It’s honestly hard to put into words how incredible the OP-Z is.

Part of a new series: With Khordmaster Soundscapes, I aim to create and share short beats, compositions, and songs, I have created.

All of these Soundscapes are designed to be used in medium like video games, shows, cartoons, movies, commercials, Podcasts or other YouTube channels.


Awesome work :+1:

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Thank you!!!