KissBox - network your OP-1, iPad, CV synths, all together

I guess you use these things to set up a MIDI and CV control network. Looks like they might be a great solution for the power user. The info is a bit dense but if I read it correctly, you can network all your gear together, even wirelessly.

Developer’s explanation of the CVToolbox product (there are others) from MW forum:

If you take synthesizers like the Prophet, Juno, DSS-1, etc… you will see that you have an analog board in them to generate and process the sound, and a digital board which controls the analog one. That’s exactly what the CVToolbox is : it’s a synthesizer control computer, in charge of generating all control voltages for VCO, VCF and VCA (or anything) located outside.

You can use the CVToolbox in two ways:

- standalone : all control signals (LFO, EG and modulation matrices) run on the local CPU. In that case, you connect the CVToolbox to your rack or desktop synth, then hook a keyboard, and that’s it. No computer is involved to control the synthesizer (except to edit the generator parameters). And even the programs are stored in the CVToolbox itself (32 programs). So it turns your analog rack into a fully programmable machine

- Max/MSP extension : we provide a Max/MSP external (both for Mac and Windows version) which makes the CVToolbox appear as a Max/MSP object. In that case, the CVToolbox becomes a part of your patch, so you control all CV in realtime from the patch (for example from a ~adsr object or any crazyness programmed in Max)

And you can mix the two modes : you can drive some outputs from a Max patch, while other outputs are controlled by the internal engine.

so I can set that little box next ot my modular and gain a friggin’ pile of modulation. Integrates with Max, which I also own.

Impressive. Most impressive.

Not sure what it brings to the table over my MOTU other than networking, though.

edit ah so, it can work stand alone once programmed. Interdasting…

iConnectMIDI 4+ would probably satisfy my needs, but I figured you guys (and gals) would be interested in the KissBox stuff. :slight_smile: