Knitted case for OP-1

I just wanted to show you this lovely knitted crocheted case my wife made for my OP-1. Cool, right?



That’s great. :slight_smile:

That’s it! I’ve resisted so far. But I’m getting married!


That’s a nice stuff ! Good work !

Well, I just got corrected: it was crocheted instead of knitted :stuck_out_tongue:

She also tells me that if anyone is interested she can make more.

My wife is also into crochet… I think I know what her next project will be :wink:

@elpuma - I wonder if she’d make me one for my PO-12 … in the black green and gold PO-12 colour scheme?


Hi @cloudburst, sorry I didn’t read your message before. She absolutely can, let me ask her how much it would be. Where are you located?

Hi @elpuma - Many thanks! I’m in the United kingdom. I move between Northern Ireland and Scotland. Only too happy to support small-volume craft businesses :slight_smile:


Hi again @cloudburst, she says it would cost USD 20 (plus shipping from California). I’ve attached two patterns she came up with and a picture of the yarn she would use for the gold color.


Sounds just fine to me. I prefer the more random second pattern. :slight_smile:

Happy to proceed. I assume you’ve a PO for sizing?


Cool… could you send me the actual dimensions? I know it can vary if you kept the tab or not, and if you have the silicone case.

Howdy - I’ll be keeping the hanger tab on and I don’t (and won’t) have the silicone case as I think it’s a bit naff :slight_smile:

So in standard form, it’s 125mm x 60mm x 20mm


PM me with details and I’ll let you know the best address for me depending upon when the case is ready. I don’t mind sending payment either before or after (just in case your wife wants the money up front). Thanks again.


I’d just love to pay tribute to @elmuma and his wife. This little PO-12 case found its way from west-coast USA to the UK and fits/suits my PO-12 perfectly. It’s beautifully made with a zipper - and a lining so that the PO-12 slides in and out without getting all caught up.

I’m hoping @elpuma will rejoin this thread so that I can find out how to send him and his wife some money for doing this for me.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll all agree that this is very cool indeed…


Just yesterday I found the little model I made so she could make the case according to dimensions and thought about coming here to see if it already arrived and I see this! Glad you liked it!