Korg & Circuit New stuff ? 01 Nov

Tweet put up by Korg US about an announcement on the 1st.

Not read any rumours regarding this yet. Any ideas?

Looks like something new on the same day for circuit owners in the same day. Interesting next week.

Well on novation’s website they have a daily countdown running titled ‘the evolution of the circuit’, so we looking to the next step, something bigger or complimentary?

whilst if you notice korg’s teaser it might be an indication of a new electribe as the grey/blue stripes match the electribe 2 whilst the red/dark grey stripes match the electribe sampler. Will the gold stripe be an electribe performance mixer since its sitting in the middle between them, or will it be a combination?

Imagine an electribe pro and circuit pro launching on the same day …

Great time for battery powered goodness methinks :stuck_out_tongue:


Lost any love for the Circuit with that Facebook bullshit a while back, got to have standards man.
Korg though continue to intrigue, just hope I don’t want whatever it is!

ARP 2600, MonoPoly, PolySix and all that shite!

I, and all other circuit owners I guess, got a mail shot from novation, saying it’s another update for the circuit. I so hope it’s got preview patches for keyboard on the shift + synth page.

@Knightsaber i like the stripe theory on the electribe, good spot on the colours

@rotallytuined agreed! Got rid of fb years ago. Can’t be bothered with that either. Maybe in time someone will start a forum for it like this one ?

Wow that circuit update was a real let down

The circuit is the easyest and most straight forward but least sexy of today’s stand-alone products

Makes me wonder if I’ll ever really go for it with the circuit and whether I shouldn’t give up on it,

I mean,its ok…but that’s it

If I’m reaching for a stand alone unit, I’m grabbing my OP1, or maybe my QY70, the circuit just never seems to grab me