Korg Drumlogue

The Korg Drumlogue is about to hit the street. It’s a combination analog/digital drum machine, and pretty pricey (at least in my book!–$599 USD).

What do folks think of it, and how might it slot into a TE-based lineup (OP-1, or OP-Z)? I have an OP-1 and find the drum machine features nice but limited (for me, the constraints help with creativity)?



Sound Engine

  • Analogue x 4
  • PCM/User samples x 6
  • Multi-engine (Noise, VPM, User Synthesizer)x 1

Number of drum samples: 256 (128 preloaded presets)
Number of drum kit: 256 (128 preloaded presets)
Number of rhythm patterns: 256 (128 preloaded presets)
Effects: Reverb, Delay, Master

Inputs / Outputs

  • Headphones
  • Output (L/Mono, R, Audio, Out 1-4)
  • Sync In/Out
  • Audio In, MIDI In/Out
  • USB-A (To Device — only for MIDI controllers)
  • USB-B (To Host)
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the SDK is the coolest piece of it for me. people are going to make some awesome custom patches for this.

(though i’m surprised they only allocated one track for that?)

in 1988, when ensoniq released the EPS, an affordable, fully-featured sampler and sequencer, I thought drum machines became redundant.

but the drumlogue looks like a very versatile machine – lots of sound creation/shaping features and a great sequencer. looks like a winner!

Yeah, this is a big draw for me as well, but the one track limitation is surprising, as you say.

The reddit /synthesizer crowd is hating pretty hard on it