Korg Gadget Update

Korg has really been on a roll. The latest additions to their Gadget app. makes an already stellar app. even more stellar. Something about the design reminds me of the OP-1’s intuitive, ‘fun-factor’ interface. Combine that with their recently released wireless Nanokey Studio and you have a very portable, instant on portable studio very much like OP-1.


Yeah, I love the new Kamata synth.


Got the Korg Gadget after this post. I´m using in a iPhone 5S which is maybe too small for it, but I´m liking! :slight_smile: I need to better understand the tracks logic and I didn´t found yet an arpeggiator inside the app. Also, can I sync it with OpLab using my iPhone USB cable?

Can’t remember which synths have arps built in @aeoner but there is not a global one, you could use a controller though obviously or midi from another app…
I have a friend who uses an Octatrack to control Gadget and she makes some great things happen, I think I will have to buy Gadget instead of using hers all the time!

@rotallytuined just found the arpeggiator! :slight_smile: It´s a small small button in my 5S screen, but it´s working with the Kamata! :slight_smile:

Amazing. Absolutely wanna try it with my OT. She´s using a MIDI cable direct to the iPhone? I´ve a Midi iRig for the iPad but wanted to use it with the iPhone (do you know if there´s a good cloud implementation? Maybe the easiest way will be produce in the iPhone, upload to the cloud, play with the OT with the iPad with MIDI cable!). I was thinking if it´s possible to use the iPhone with the OpLab and then Octatrack.

My friend uses the Octatrack midi out straight to an irig pro duo midi in, and the audio back from Gadget into the Octatrack. I remember when she got excited about the Gadget becoming multitimbral ages ago, she then sold some other things she had!
I think she uses Elastic Drums the same way.
She has an iPad Air I forgot to say!

Gadget is pretty amazing. Madrid is excellent for all your bass :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of short pieces I’ve done utilising Madrid for acoustic bass, Gladstone for some drumkit sounding percussion, and the quirky Kamata…


sure shot lounging had me dancing! booty shaking music!

Haha. This makes me happy :slight_smile:

Easter Egg Alert:

Check out the hidden retro game (Breakout) in the new Kamata gadget. You long press the 'page select' button.

Nanokey's x/y pad not only works as a controller for the game, but since you can draw waveforms with x/y pad it's also a custom level designer.

Arkaniod! Bonus or what, have to wait for payday now!
Gadget is on sale until 15th I think, but the new in apps are 7£.99 still