KORG GadgetCloud Users

Hey Everyone,

Just curious how many people here are currently using the KORG Gadget app for iPad, and how many are taking part in posting music to the GadgetCloud?

I only recently started partaking and I must say, it seems like a decent place to get SOME feedback on your stuff, whether it’s serious tracks, or just 30 second interludes.

Anyone here that is posting should message me, and maybe we could figure out a way to do a Gadget collab?.. I donno, just a thought.

Also side note: seems like nearly all the samples in the Volca Sample are in Gadget… Interesting.

I’m using the gadget app all the time at home, mainly for jamming with loops and synths though. I have checked out some of the stuff on the GadgetCloud but never really finished a track in Gadget. I usually just use it for ideas and import them into Ableton. I should challenge myself to actually do a whole track on there once

Even upload those little phrases man. I’ve noticed lots of people posting just little unfinished clips and get great feedback on where to take those ideas or how to improve them.

i so rarely make a complete track in gadget. however i use the synths constantly(they sound great)

i kinda wish they would implement figure into gadget. then i would make more fleshed out stuff!!

oh wait propellerhead isnt korg. doh!

I’m confused as to what your missing as far as creating a full track, minus effects sends.

I find the sheer power of the synths + nearly all the knobs being automated is more than enough for me to create great tracks that sound really full/complete.

For anyone looking to get into music, it’s one of the first apps I recommend because it can pretty much do everything to get a decent idea put down.

What exactly do you feel it lacks compared to figure @masterofstuff124 ? I found figure to be extremely limiting / preset playback essentially. Now ReBirth on the other hand is close, but not nearly as user-friendly for creating full songs IMO.