Korg Microsampler Video

Hi all

Firstly, the new forum is great. Thanks all involved in keeping this going.

On the old forum someone posted a fantastic video of a set performed entirely on a Microsampler. The video went for about 30 minutes (or longer maybe). I was wondering if anybody can recall? If so, could you post a link again? Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Also, if anyone has had any experience with the Microsampler I’d be really interested to hear your opinions. I’m looking at picking one up.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know what which video you are referring to but I own a MicroSampler. In fact, I’ve owned two. I sold the first one as I really didn’t use it. After a year, I realized that there might be uses for it after all. I eventually found a used one on ebay for a decent price and am very happy with it. Its features and issues are pretty well documented. For instance, it’s multiple “styles” of sampling are very useful but the MicroSampler is very difficult to use it as a live looper though there are users on YouTube who have discovered workarounds.

Personally, I was just looking for a keyboard that could hold samples of older keyboards I no longer use for various reasons. The music I write isn’t contemporary in any way so I’m not using it to create the popular music. I was more interested in using a sampler to do more esoteric and experimental things. The MicroSampler is great but it is much more useful if you run the editing software on an attached computer. Having a keyboard and sampler together in one unit is perfect for my needs.

Having said this, I haven’t really used the MicroSampler a whole lot. I’m still looking for a decent way to MIDI all my keyboards together and tied to a computer-based DAW (the problem lies in the fact that some of my keyboards only have USB MIDI so a iConnectMIDI 4+ might be in my immediate future). I’m not necessarily interested in selling the MicroSampler at this point but I feel bad that it sits unused for most of the time.

I would suggest looking at the official Korg forum for the MicroSampler to get a better idea of its capabilities. Here’s a link:

Good luck!

Did you mean the Dakim “Boiler Room” video? He used a 505 for effects though, I think.


I have a Microsampler, and I think it is good, but not great. I had it packed away since I got the OP-1 a year ago, but I just packed it out, and in combination with OP-1 and Monotribe with some pedals it is very fun, and I made some ambient experiments with the combination.

It’s hard to list pros and cons, especially since I have not really used the Microsampler to the limits. Since the limitations of the Microsampler are well know I will not list everything, but basically compare it to sampling and looping on the OP-1. But anyway here is my plus and minus take on it:

  • Efficent and fast sampling and resampling through internal effects: While OP-1 is fast for sampling, the resampling with effect is somewhat tedious for the synthsampler, and really annoying for drums. On Microsampler it is very fast and easy.
  • Nice selection of effects - most effects are very usable - tape delay is my favorite, much nicer feedback sounds posible than with OP-1.
  • Nice keyboard with velocity.
  • Stereo samples, and panning!
  • Longer sequences.
  • Time stretching.
  • No ADSR envelope! Only delay/release - this is available for each individual sample thoug, so still better than the drum sampler in OP-1 with its global env.
  • Sample looping is only from beginning to end, no internal loop points.
  • No swing! This is annoying - you can optionally record with quantize (no quantize after the fact though), but there is no option to apply swing at the same time. Pity, it would have been such an easy addition.
  • Memory is limited.
  • Loops click. Not as bad as the OP-1, but bad enough. No crossfading seems to be done.
  • Live looping require some setup, not as bad as in some examples though. Like OP-1 there are clicks, and there is no way to dynamically set the looping length like on a real looper. Like an OP-1, the Microsampler is no live looper.
  • Only one effect in use at a time, no individual filter per sample. No control of filter with envelope.
Like I said, good but not great, and if you are aware of the limitations, and know what you want to use it for, you get a lot of nice stuff for the price they go for used now.

That’s the one! Cheers.

I am currently considering the purchase. They do go for very reasonable prices. Thanks both of you, I really appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

Forgot some points: Microsampler has a nice “key mute” feature; you can have a pattern going, and mute and unmute individual samples, somewhat like MPC track mute. And, forgot one important limitation: only one sample at a time can be played/sequenced chromatically.

The bpm tracking sampler is a nice function. You can record a bar (plus divisions or multiples) at any tempo you set. It records line out so it’s great to make loops with. I got rid of mine and have been kicking myself for it, ha.

Yup I think I posted that dakim performance. Really inspired me for my boiler room set. You CAN perform beats live!!!